We Teach People how to Use, Develop & Maintain their Bodies focusing on Speed, Strength & Mobility development using Movement Based Training Techniques.


813 Shefford Road. Ottawa, ON, K1J8H9

Be Faster, Stronger, Better


We have programs specifically designed for youth ages 6 – 12 years of age.

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Learn about our programs and services specifically designed for teenagers ages 13 – 18 years of age.

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Learn about our programs and services specifically designed for adults.

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Elite Performance

Elite Programs

Looking for more? Our Elite Athlete Programs are specialy designed for the serious athlete who is looking to be pushed to their limits and to reach their full potential. We specialize in developing any athlete trying to get better, faster, stronger!

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We pride ourselves on clients getting the results that they want.



At the core of our business is the relationships. If you are close to your trainer, you are in it together, then the results will come.



We pride ourselves on delivering world class service for a great value. That's something you can feel good about.



It takes a community to develop good habits and remain accountable to yourself. At Titan, you are surrounded with a supportive, like-minded community that help you get on track and stay there.

90% of success is just showing up

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Elite Athletics
Mobility & Habits
Extra Support

Personal Training

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What will you Titan Up this year?

Titan Performance Centre is designed to offer the balance individuals need, and the performance they desire. To be a catylist towards better health, well-being and prosparity for individuals and their families.

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client testimonials

Sean Moran

Titan performance is an amazing spot for so many different reasons. As an adult l use the AGF every morning (AMAZING), my daughter is with the youth training program making her a better trained athlete, and my son is using there treadmill gaining huge strides with his skating. An amazing place with great personnel and ownership!! 10 Star!!

Sean Moran


Heather Bracken

All workouts are challenging and the instructors are excellent motivators. As a member I can participate in approximately 4-5 workouts per day! From early morning to later in the evening. And/or I can come in at anytime to workout in my own. The gym is clean and there is a good variety of equipment. And I’ll mention again that the instructors are experienced, knowledgeable and fun to be around. You won’t regret becoming a member. And let’s not forget that parking is free and available!

Heather Bracken


Dom Swave

Great spot, great place, knowledgeable and friendly staff, all amenities. Worth the try!

Dom Swave


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