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Titan’s response to COVID-19

Titan Performance would like to wish everyone nothing but positive energy during this weird and challenging time.

One way we are trying to remain productive as a community is by organizing a daily Schedule / Routine. Components of this Routine include things like:

Work / School Work -> Both parents & kids have work to do, separate yourselves
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner -> how easy is it to just eat all freakin day…
Screen time -> It’s inevitable, might make work for you easier… Moderation is key
Movement -> Go for a walk, Play sports, Try the TITAN Quarentine Video Series on Instagram & Facebook
Check out these GPT Videos for Adults:

– Scotty & Danica on Tue/Thu/Sat

⁠Titan Performance Centre on Instagram: “@scottyleboeuf & @danicakaplan give us a at home St. Patrick’s Day workout! Check out the full thing on our Facebook page! 💪 #TitanUp”⁠⁦‪instagram.com‬⁩

– Alex’s 30 Day Challenge daily in our IG Story

⁠Titan Performance Centre on Instagram: “We have a message and a 30 day challenge for you! From the one and only @alex.eta!! 💪 #TitanUp”⁠⁦‪instagram.com‬⁩

– TITAN Build the Athlete videos. Challenge the kids to get Moving and share their experiences. On Mon/Wed/Fri


⁠Titan Performance Centre on Instagram: “Description: Get two cones, a nerf gun, 16 bullets & a target! Try this set and share your scores. Most importantly, get off your bums and…”⁠⁦instagram.com⁩

⁠Titan Performance Centre on Instagram: “Jumping is a huge skill all Athletes need to master. Get your little guys and girls trying this progression and at home DIY obstacle…”⁠⁦instagram.com⁩



We’re all in this together. We ALL need a minimum of 60 minutes of Movement daily! Seeing everyone else Move & Compete inspires. Contribute to OUR Community.

When you post videos please tag your teams account and @titan_perform.

Be Safe #TitanUp ⚔️

Coach Joey

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