We Teach People how to Use, Develop & Maintain their Bodies focusing on Speed, Strength & Mobility development using Movement Based Training Techniques.


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Focus on the things you can control. You can Control your Mind, what you Say, how you Feel and what you Do. Practice does not make perfection, practice makes PROGRESS! The Progress that we make is determined by how we practice. We all need to practice what we Think, what we Say, what we Feel and what we Do. Nobody else has control of these things. As we improve, we recognize that there’s no situation we can’t pull through. -> Do your part, stay at home! Keep grinding away with school, work & family. Life is always changing so we...

Embrace The Process

Success begins and ends with a tight Daily & Weekly Process. Strong & Positive #Habits ensure continued Progress towards your goals. --> Evaluate your routine. Are you making the most of your days, weeks, months, etc. We could be in this routine for a while… Make time for YOU and LOVE what you do. Keep evolving your Process to PROGRESS. In week 3 of Isolation, Titan is improving their weekly Instagram Live Routine and beginning to offer Promo Zoom Group sessions for our Adult GPT, Athlete & Build the Athlete Members. INSTAGRAM LIVE WORKOUTS Mon/Wed w/ Coach Joey - 60min Mobility / Strength...

Titan’s response to COVID-19

Titan Performance would like to wish everyone nothing but positive energy during this weird and challenging time. One way we are trying to remain productive as a community is by organizing a daily Schedule / Routine. Components of this Routine include things like: Work / School Work -> Both parents & kids have work to do, separate yourselves Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner -> how easy is it to just eat all freakin day… Screen time -> It's inevitable, might make work for you easier… Moderation is key Movement -> Go for a walk, Play sports, Try the TITAN Quarentine Video Series on Instagram...


New Routine

In this Titan Performance monthly newsletter, we have some new fitness challenges for everyone to try and join in on the fun. We also have an amazing new personal training offer for those of you looking to build some good habits and take control of your health & fitness goals once and for all!...


Something For The Kids

Build The Athlete program is an exciting all-around athlete development program that focuses on developing a love for exercise, health and fitness in the player / child. Specifically designed for children 12 & under, The BTA program is a fun, inclusive and social program that encourages exploration and self discovery for every participant. Titan Performance's Speed Camp is a no nonsense athlete development program that zeros in on the most important trait for any athlete, speed & quickness. Athletes will learn proper running mechanics, form for speed development and be put through a series of skills and drills that will...

Welcome to Titan Performance!

Welcome to Titan Performance, and our very fresh & new website! Around here, we're making changes for the better as we move forward into the 2020s, and continue our quest to bring the Ottawa Capital Region the very best in health performance training. It all starts with our headquarters of course, located conveniently in the east end of the city just off the Queensway in Gloucester. From our base there, we then offer a variety of Sports Training services both onsite and at various locations across the city...