Our sessions run 60 minutes (up to 4 skaters/session)

Payment Plans Available

1 FREE trial session for all first time users

Single Session: $55 + HST

5 Session Package: $200 + HST

10 Session Package: $350 + HST

20 Session Package: $650 + HST

30 Session Package: $825 + HST


Youth Athletic Program: $399+HST

Add Hockey Stick Skill = Total $499+HST
Add 10 Blade Sessions = Total $649+HST
Add both = Total $699+HST

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Junior Athletic Program: $549+HST

Add Hockey Stick Skill = Total $649+HST
Add 10 Blade Sessions = Total $799+HST
Add both = Total $849+HST

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Senior Athletic Program: $699+HST

Add Hockey Stick Skill = Total $799+HST
Add 10 Blade Sessions = Total $949+HST
Add both = Total $999+HST

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Titan’s 10 sessions Blade Program progresses skaters based on our skater skill acquisition template as well through weakness identification. You’re only as strong as your weakest link. Titan aims to identify those weaknesses and help to develop them.


The Titan Blade Program covers 3 main Movement components that will lead to continued Skating Progress:

  • Structural Mobility and joint development with a focus on lower body and core stability
  • Stride Mechanics: Learning how to develop Stride Length and Stride Frequency/Rate
  • Conditioning: Applying improved mechanics and Increasing quality work capacity

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Basic Session Outline:

10min: Warm-Up / Structural Mobility & Joint Prep

Lower Body Mobility —> Gaining strength through a full range of motion

Single Leg Stability

Core Stability

10-15min: Forward & Backward Stride Mechanics

Stride Length Development

Stride Rate Development



Lean & Weight Transfer

Stick handling


5-10min: Conditioning

Build Anaerobic Capacity

Build Power Capacity


Although technically all you need is your skates to enjoy the Blade, we recommend you wear the complete lower half of your equipment. We want to make our training as transferable as possible; meaning we want you to train in anything that affects your stride while skating on real ice. We also recommend each skater wears a neck guard or protective layer (i.e. sweater, turtleneck, and etc.). We’ve had some instances where there has been irritation caused by the safety harness rubbing on the athlete’s neck. Since the harness MUST be worn for safety reasons, we want to ensure the athlete is as comfortable as possible during their experience.

The WoodWay skating treadmill was designed for use with regular hockey skates. The Blade is covered with a wax coating to help minimize the friction between the treadmill and the skate blade. Although needing a few extra sharpening’s not uncommon, rest assure your ‘game skates’ will not be ruined during your time on the Blade.