Youth Athletic Program: $399+HST

Dates: July 3 - August 24 (8wks)
Ages: 8-13yrs
Days: 2-3x/wk - Mon/Tue/Thu
Times: 60min - 630-730PM

Junior Athletic Program: $549+HST

Dates: July 3 - August 24 (8wks)
Ages: 11-14
Days: 3x/wk - Mon/Tue/Thu
Times: 90min - 5-630PM

Senior Athletic Program: $699 + HST

Dates: June 26 - August 18 (8wks)
Ages: 14+
Days: 5x/wk - Mon-Fri
Times: 90min - 9AM, 430PM, 6PM, 730PM


Youth Athletic Program: $399+HST

Add Hockey Stick Skill = Total $499+HST
Add 10 Blade Sessions = Total $649+HST
Add both = Total $699+HST

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Junior Athletic Program: $549+HST

Add Hockey Stick Skill = Total $649+HST
Add 10 Blade Sessions = Total $799+HST
Add both = Total $849+HST

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Senior Athletic Program: $699+HST

Add Hockey Stick Skill = Total $799+HST
Add 10 Blade Sessions = Total $949+HST
Add both = Total $999+HST

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At Titan we understand that all young Athletes have 3 main responsibilities: School, their Sport and the Sport Specific Skills associated, and their Bodies. The Titan Athletic Program is all about the latter and teaching Athletes of all ages and levels how to USE, DEVELOP and MAINTAIN their Bodies.

Using Movement Based Training techniques including Speed & Plyometrics, Calisthenics, Gymnastic Strength, Olympic Lifting and more we focus on developing 3 main components that will lead to continued Athletic Progress:

  • Speed which includes Running & Change of Direction Mechanics, Footwork and Jumping with an emphasis on learning how to accept and exert force with Control & Power.
  • Strength which includes Movement Pattern development and Core development with an emphasis on Quality & Control
  • Mobility which emphasizes developing Flexibility and a big Range of Motion in all Movement Patterns with Strength through that Full Range bulletproofing the body to endure the rigors of the Athletes sport.

At Titan we believe that the Best do the Basics Better. We are constantly challenging our Athletes to improve their Athletic Foundation to maximize their Athletic Ceiling/Potential. Anyone can make any crappy Movement Pattern Faster and Stronger but if the Quality of the Movement Pattern is poor that Athletes potential and Ceiling will always be limited.

Titan’s Generalist approach to Performance training focuses on identifying an Athletes weaknesses rather than training them for a specific sport. We are only as strong as our weakest link and by identifying and addressing that weakness we can help develop and maximize an Athletes Athletic Potential. —> The Best Athlete in the gym is generally the best Athlete on the Field, on the Ice, on the Court, etc.

Join NOW and improve your child’s Athleticism.

Basic Session Outline

30min: Warm Up / Speed & Plyometrics

Lower Body Development including Feet, Ankles & Hips
Speed Mechanics

15-20min: Structural Work

Joint Development
Core Development
Spinal Development
Improve Range of Motion and Strength through that Range

30min: Strength Work

Primary Lifting Patterns
Ring Work

15min: Stretch or Conditioning

Build Anaerobic Capacity
Build Power Capacity